Who's Helping Me?


We provide guides and cooks all our treks and camping safaris.   On treks we also provide porters for your gear and equipment.


Porters will carry all your gear including food/water.  For each guest in the group, 2-3 porters will generally be provided.  We recommend however that our guests carry a small day pack for water, suntan lotion, rain gear and other items.   Each guest may bring 25kg or 50lbs of equipment.  Extra items can be brought at an additional cost.  We have storage in Arusha for your items that are not needed during the trek, but you would like to have after your trek.  Please pack sparingly.

Our guides are experienced climbers with extensive experience in the area--many have climbed Kilimanjaro more than 200 times.  We use almost exclusively native Tanzanian guides to support the local economy.  Many of our guides have a long tradition of guiding in their families.  For groups greater than four, assistant guides usually accompany our climbs.

At least one cook will accompany your group.  Usually the cook also works as a porter.  For special meals, be sure to inform us before your trek begins.


The guides on our camping safaris also serve as the drivers during the safari.   Our guides have exhaustive knowledge of the flora and fauna in each of the national parks.  Due to their extensive work in the parks they also know the best locations for viewing and finding wildlife.  Most of our guides have extensive training in local and national wildlife colleges. 

A cook will accompany your safari and will have your meals prepared for you upon return from the game drives.  Like on our treks, please be sure to inform us early if you have special meal requests.