We at African Adventures realize the number of varied companies available to take you on your safaris and climbs, and we appreciate each client who chooses to travel with us.  Below, you'll find other travelers who used African Adventures for their climbs, safaris and beach trips.  Take their word on how good on services are and give us a call....our friendly representatives will be glad to help you in any way.  To our past clients, African Adventures would like to say thank you for traveling with us, and to those looking at our page for the first time, we look forward to hearing from you, and helping you with your future African Adventure.


Our Lead Guides', Zachariah Minja's climb diploma after summitting with a group at the dawn of the millenium.

"Excellent adventure!! Our six days on the mountain were amazing. The guides and porters constantly amazed us. We weren't blessed with the best weather the first few days and all the staff went out of their way to make sure we were as comfortable as possible. The guides were good about judging our pace and speeding it up and slowing it down when necessary. Reaching Mt. Uhuru was one of the most satisfying experiences in my life! The guides and porters were vital to making it happen."
T.P.from San Francisco

"It was a wonderful climb, although it was a bit colder than expected! The crew was great. They always had camp set up before we arrived with hot tea waiting for us. Our guide, Matthew, was incredible. He made sure we had just the right pace and was always looking out for our safety. Zack did a great job of planing the climb and was always providing whatever we asked for. All in all the experience was great and I'm looking forward to add more mountains to my belt."
Christopher Price
Minneapolis, Mn, USA
"What an amazing experience! African Adventures was the way to go for the climb. Not only did they totally take care of you - cook, set up tents, carry all of your supplies, but the guides were excellent! They knew how to help each member of the group make it up the mountain and give you a history and answer any questions. The views along the way are beautiful."
Heather Deason
San Francisco, Calif., USA                                                                        


"Amazement , pain, exhaustion, delight and triumph to reach the top. Glorious trip, made all the more rich by the interesting stories, athletic feats, good humor and hospitality of our guide and the porter team. Zach and Matthew -- best of luck in your further adventures!" Thanks and Cheers,
Liz Clyma
"The safari we went on was amazing! Lake Manyara, Serengeti, Ngorongoro were beautiful with wonderful animals. We saw just about every animal imaginable (lions after a kill, honeymooner lions, black rhino, cheetah). Our driver and cooks were great, sped good English and changed planes according to our desires! The food was great as well. Overall, a great safari experience in the African wilderness." 
Rene Pawelek
New York, N.Y. USA
"We just returned from a 6 day safari. We went to Arusha National Park, Lake Manyara, Serengeti, and Ngorongoro National Park. Being at the Serengeti was incredible! We saw a lot of animals. A lion couple were laying just next to our car. But the highlight was to see three cheetahs hunting and eating an antelope live! There was a great driver finding his way through the thickest fog and the deepest water holes! It was like being on a roller coaster! Thanks for the perfect organization."
Regula Rutz, Switzerland
Michael Mithen, Switzerland
"Our trip was wonderful. Many thanks to Zachariah, Eligious, Ibrahim, the porters Major and Modest (our safari guides). I would highly recommend all.  The climb was great -- reaching the summit was a real accomplishment. I would suggest that anyone wanting the best climbing experience should go via the Machame -- Arrow Glacier Route.  The tents, food, and the people were wonderful.  The safari portion of the trip was wonderful as well. SOPA Lodge in Ngorongoro is first rate. I would suggest a stop at Gibb's Farm between Arusha and Ngorongoro. This was a real treat.  African Adventures took care of us all the way. Having Zachariah check on us at our stops in Arusha and having African Adv. store our bags for us was a big help.  For anyone wishing to climb/safari, African Adventures is the way to go."
John O. Belcher
Nashville. Tenn.

"We have just returned from 4 days safari to Lake Manyara, Serengeti and Ngorongoro. Our guide, Michael, was excellent and ensured that any hiccups (this is Africa) were taken care of promptly and simply added to the adventure of Africa without becoming a problem. The food was sensational and plenty of it! Both Michael and Yahaya were warm, generous and did everything they could to make our tour enjoyable. Thank you! The quality of the safari is really in the staff and therefore, I would recommend African Adventures to fellow travelers. The 4WD also was comfy and spacious and reliable. Ngorongoro and Serengeti will always remain a highlight of Africa for us both. Beautiful!  Oh, and thanks Michael for all the bird identifications and spottings, facts and figures about this wonderful part of Tanzania".
Narelle Sutherland
Mark Goenie
"Always when you arrive to a new country, you are very suspicious about everything. So when they told us to book the Kilimanjaro we didn't trust anyone - But everyone here is very polite - the service is perfect - the guide - the porters. Yes, everything! The food was great on the trek and plenty of it. So don't worry. Book your trek to Kilimanjaro here. Tomorrow we are going on a 3 day safari and looking forward to that". "So this is Alan again. We've just come back from the 3 day safari and everything was brilliant.  They looked after us and were very nice and helpful all the time. We saw lots of animals and hopefully our pictures will be good. The driver and guide was very good for finding the animals".
Alan Kraft
"Thanks for a great, although difficult and dusty, 2 weeks in Tanzania. The 6 day Kili climb via the Machame/Arrow Glacier route was certainly the most difficult physical experience of my life, but making Uhuru Peak made it all worth it - thank you, Ibrahim, for looking after me en route to the
summit up the Arrow Glacier/Western Breach - I would certainly not have made it without him!  Eligius and Major were also cheerful, helpful and fun guides for our group of 5. Our safari to Ngorongoro Crater/Olduvai Gorge was also great - the Sopa Lodge was a great stop post - climb for some R & R, Modest, a careful and friendly driver. Thanks, African Adventures, for a great trip".

Christi Dickson
Dallas, Texas, USA
"First, we went on a terrific safari. Our driver was excellent at spotting the animals, so we saw lions and cheetahs en masse. The last 7 days we spent on an exciting trek from Nainokanoka to Lake Natron. A wonderful experience, trekking in an area with no tourists and almost no impact from the western culture.  Being the center of interest, crowds gathering to see the strange white people (with hairy legs). Feel the tranquility and relaxed atmosphere. Stunning scenery, especially the Empakai Crater, no people but thousands of flamingos, the active volcano Oldonyo L'engai, and the beautiful Ngare Sero river.  3 great weeks in the hands of African Adventures - never to be forgotten"!
Jesper Hvidkjaer
Kim Breuning
Copenhagen, Denmark
"This ends two weeks in Africa 8- B- School grads came and conquered Kilimanjaro and saw the Big Five on safari. African adventures could not have done a better job at making sure our travels went safely and was the best adventure of our life time. 
Stewart Whitman
Hanover, NH, Ithaca, Ny,