Staying in Zanzibar has been the highlight of many people's trips to Africa.  There are 4 different locations to stay.  

    If you want a feel for the local culture you will want to stay in Stone Town, which is the largest city on the island and affords many travelers the unique flavor of  the Spice Island.

    The East coast was seldom visited until recently.  Due to vast improvements on public and private transportation this coast has grown to be the home for several of the nicest hotels on the island.  It is approximately 75 minute from the airport.

    The North coast is home to the traditional Dhow-building industry.  Many people come to this coast to see the exotic ruins of palaces from an Imperialistic Era and to have fun at the turtle aquarium.  

    The South coast is often speckled with dolphins along the shore.  Many travelers stop here for quiet and relaxation after a strenuous Kilimanjaro ascent.  

Zanzibar Town

Hotel Name Price (Based on a Double Room)
Baghani House 60 US dollars
Hotel International 60 US dollars
Shangani Hotel 65 US dollars
Dhow Palace Hotel 70 US dollars
Chavda Hotel 80 US dollars
Mazsons Hotel 80 US dollars
Tembo House Hotel 100 US dollars
Emerson's And Green 150 US dollars


East Coast

Hotel Name Price (Based on A Double Room)
Shooting Star 110 US dollars
Breezes Beach Club 130 US dollars
Zanzibar Safari Club 150 US dollars
Karafuu Beach Hotel 160-200 US dollars (Varies with Season)

North Coast 

Hotel Name Price (Based on A Double Room)
Nungwi Village Beach Resort 50 US dollars
Amaan Bungalows 55 US dollars
Palm Beach Inn 60 US dollars
Chwaka Bay Hotel 60 US dollars
Sau Inn Hotel 90 US dollars
Shooting Star 100 US dollars
Mnarani Beach Cottages 108 US dollars
Ras Nungwi Beach Resort 160 US dollars

South Coast

Hotel Name Price (Based On A Double Room)
Zanzibar Serena Inn 205-330 US dollars (Varies with season)

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