What's A Good Tip?

Tipping is of course completely voluntary and should be based on the service you receive from our guides, porters and cooks.


The work performed by guides, porters and cooks on Mount Kilimanjaro is considerable.   Tipping has become an expected ritual for the guides/porters/cooks.  If you wish to have a price with tips included please let us know.  We recommend tips of approximately $5/day/porter from the entire group (i.e. a trek with four guests would each pay $1.25/day/porter).  Tips for a  cook are sometimes slightly higher because they are often working as a porter as well.  Tips for guides are generally about double that of porters.  Tips are generally given the morning of the last day or at the gate of exit at the end of the trek.


While the work on safaris is less strenuous, tips have also become commonplace.   Tips on safaris tend to be less than those on treks, but really should depend on the level of service you receive.