Born in 1967 in Arusha, Zach is an accomplished guide on the mountains of northern Tanzania. He attended primary school in the Moshi area, before moving on to higher education in the catholic seminary system in central Tanzania. After leaving his studies as a priest, he returned to the Arusha/Moshi area to continue his love of working in the mountains and plains of northern Tanzania. 
In his younger years as a porter, then as an assistant guide and now a lead guide, he has summited Mount Kilimanjaro over 200 times. In addition, he has made countless technical climbs in the area. 
His in-depth knowledge of the area has made him an excellent leader for excursions and safaris. Until recently he has been working independently, but since his founding of African Adventures he has been working out of his offices in Arusha, where his wife and two children, 

Jacoline (4) and Innocent (5), also live. The oldest of seven, a number of Zacharia's siblings have followed in his footsteps by working for African Adventures and other firms in the area. Two of his brothers currently attend Dar es Salaam University during the school year and guide for the firm during vacations.